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Heli Heist - The MTV Challenge episode review by @Elizabeth Irene

The Challenge is a reality tv program which few group of individuals from different countries are brought together to engage in tasks competitions

The second episode of TheChallenge37 is very interesting as Tacha and other agents had pool party then next task, in this task Tacha and her partner Jeremiah were very focused and did great.

After the task they had a party. Tacha looked really beautiful and stunning with her lovely baggy pants and curly hair.

Time for nominations Tacha was worried if she would be nominated but it came out good for her she wasn’t nominated but kelz who’s part of Tacha’s team from Nigeria got nominated by the vets.

Tacha encouraged kelz, Emy and Tracy while on their elimination task

The show is a great show because it gives room for individuals from different countries, races, and beliefs to work together in the case of Tacha, it gives her opportunities to meet new people, she used the opportunity as an adventure and advantage for herself, business, friendship and ideas.

Even though the show could be traumatizing in the case of nominations, difficult tasks, group of people deciding to nominate one person. It’s all game but it could be sad because of the lies, spies and more

Is this show worth it and Did Tacha make huge money from it as said, I hope she is strong to face every challenges and stand the lies. oh wow Titans are very exited about the show as said “it’s big” !!! Tacha is million dollar richer and Tacha has always been that strong, bold and smart lady trust she understands the emotional stress the show brings


What did you think of the episode and are we ready for war next week?!!

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